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U.S. Has No Idea What To Do With Children Crossing Into America Illegally – By Themselves?

In children, illegal immigration, politics on April 28, 2012 at 11:38 am

Is it just because this article comes from the Arianna Nation (HuffPost), and has no references, no citations or links that makes this story so irritatingly ridiculous?  Or is it just because it comes directly from the Arianna Nation itself that makes it so ridiculous?  Children are crossing into America all by themselves, illegally, says the article, and have been doing so for years.  But now, there has been a surge in the numbers and America doesn’t know what to do with them.  That last sentence ought to be a question, but we will leave it as is.  How in the hell could any government not have an inkling as to what ought to be done with children that come into America, by themselves, and illegally?  Think of it like going to the store with your child, and where she runs off and disappears the moment you turn your back.  What do you do as a parent?  Walk out of the store and leave the store to care for the child, or find proper lodging for her?  Do you leave all responsibility of your child to the store?  And – what does the store usually do when it finds a child alone, by itself, without parental supervision?  Does the store take over responsibility of the child, and the cost associated with that responsibility?  Of course not, they would be sued, to say the least.  Not to mention it also would see a “surge” in “lost” children (not too surprisingly) running around their store.  Now – imagine the cost to American taxpayers for all the children illegally crossing into America by themselves.  What’s that got to be, and what does it cost the longer we retain them?  So – back to the store and its dilemma.  What does it naturally do?  The store gets the name of the child and announces over its PA system “so-and so is looking for her mother, can she please come up to the front counter and get her”.  If no parent presents themselves, the store turns the child over to police.  Well, why isn’t America doing that?  Or, in other words, why isn’t America getting the names of these children, the countries the have left to come illegally to America and then go directly to that countries embassy or “consular”, leave the children in their hands to care for as both sides work together to return the children to their rightful country of origin and their parents?  Why are children who are coming into America illegally automatically America‘s concern and responsibility, and why should American tax payers be left with the bill?  Whose problem is this really?  And if more of the cost burden was put directly and squarely on the shoulders of the children’s own governments, how soon would we see this problem simply “resolve” itself?


What’s The Difference Between Breaking Into America Illegally And Breaking Into One’s Home Illegally?

In illegal immigration, immigration, politics, states rights on April 25, 2012 at 2:01 pm

Someone breaks into your home and starts stealing your belongings; your money, your jewelry, your art, your furniture, etc.  Would you have the audacity to stop them?  Would you call the police?  Would you seek to have them prosecuted and punished?  If you wouldn’t seek to stop illegal immigration into America, (a sovereign nation and “home” to 300 million legal residents), why would you feel differently towards your own home (also your sovereign domain) being robbed?  When illegal aliens break into America they steal things too, and not just the “jobs Americans won’t do”.  They also steal our identities, they steal money from education funding when they enroll their children in public schools using our tax dollars, they steal money from the food stamp program, SNAP, etc. when they use that system to buy food with our tax dollars, they steal money from the housing funding when they are given shelter to live using our tax dollars, they steal money from healthcare funding when they use public hospitals paid for with our tax dollars, and they even steal our political elections when they illegally vote for the politicians who pander to them and promise them amnesty.  Just as the home invader broke into your home to obtain something of yours, something of value, for him/herself, so too do illegal aliens break into America to obtain something of value for themselves, and in doing so they took something of value away from you, from all of us.  The Supreme Court is hearing argument of Sb 1070, Arizona’s “controversial” illegal immigration law.  It appears Arizona will win, which means illegal aliens, and their legitimacy in America (or at least in Arizona), will lose.  What Arizona is trying to do, by protecting its sovereign territory, (in this case a state) is no different from what a home owner would do, or seek to do, to protect their sovereign territory (in this case a home).  Yet, millions of home owners who probably would seek to defend their property, their own sovereign domain, still insist that trying to stop illegal aliens from breaking into America is tantamount to bigotry and xenophobia and racism.  Why do these Americans reject the legitimate sovereignty of America?  And  – would they just as readily, just as passionately, relinquish the sovereignty of their own homes to the people who would desire to rob them?  Would they do it if it was an illegal alien robbing them?