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There Is Only One Value That Defines Being An American Citizen – Sovereignty!

In illegal immigration, politics on April 29, 2012 at 3:01 pm

Let's see how easily I can manipulate you into the dark realm of pseudo-Christianity by misusing the Bible and pretending to be a Christian. Atheists and liberals love that!

Nothing, not a common ethnicity, color, faith or anything else binds Americans closer together than being American citizens.  Without sovereignty, there is no distinction of who is an American citizen and who is not.  Without legally recognized borders there is no demarcation line that separates America from any other country (Mexico and Canada being the only two countries America borders).  Without that demarcation line, anyone can walk into America, freely, unvetted, undocumented, unknowingly.  Ironically, try walking out of America by that same route and see what happens.

Jim Wallis, always a liberal, very rarely an actual Christian, denounces Arizona’s SB1070 bill as blatantly un-Christian and counter to Christianity.  And Christians like Wallis (who is more a counterfeit Christian), who preaches, ironically, Christianity to the same atheists, socialists and anti-Americans and anyone who actually despises Christianity as much as they despise America, spews his version of Christian rhetoric to these anti-Christians, enabling them to be even more militant and anti-Christian, and anti-American, much the same way a drug dealer enables a drug user to become more addicted to drugs.  He writes in his “quick fix” for the Arianna Nation (HuffPost):

“It is our common faith commitment, not the color of our skin, that unite us on the need for comprehensive immigration reform and in opposition to patchwork punitive legislation like we have seen in states like Arizona and Alabama.  At the core of our Christian commitment is to love our neighbors and to speak out for and defend vulnerable and marginalized people. The Bible shows a special concern for those it refers to as “the stranger,” what today we would call an immigrant. Because immigrants are often vulnerable to exploitation or discrimination, Christians should go out of their way to show both empathy and kindness to them as well as speak out for justice on their behalf.  SB 1070 violates all of these principles and as a result families, churches and communities are being ripped apart. The goal of the legislation is to make life unbearable for undocumented people in an attempt to get them to “self-deport.”  is unconscionable. It encourages mistrust and racial profiling through making anyone with brown skin or an accent automatically a suspect. And, it hurts Christian ministries that believe they should help those in need whether or not the needy can show their papers.”

One’s faith, and one – A Mexican – having the same faith an another – an American – does not make the Mexican an American any more than it makes the American a Mexican.  These “strangers” as Wallis refers to illegal aliens being (and for which he misinterprets the Bible for being “migrants”) are people who have entered America illegally.  The Bible does not in any way condone illegal immigration as the counterfeit Jim Wallis would have us believe.  And if Wallis is so hell-bent on damning “legislation intentionally designed to increase the suffering of any of God’s children” as being “unconscionable” then he damn well ought to oppose Obamcare and any legislation that would seek to redistribute (steal) the wealth of one person and give it to government so government can redistribute a very small portion of that wealth (keeping the largest portion for themselves as a service fee) to everyone else in such a way that makes everyone equally poor and dependent on government.  Of course conservatives would rather illegal aliens “self-deport” than have that cost deferred to the taxpayers in the sum of millions of dollars rounding up, processing, jailing, housing and feeding those illegal aliens, until they are deported forcefully by law.  Nothing hurts Christianity more than counterfeit Christianity.  And nothing hurts America more than weakening, destabilizing and removing its sovereignty.  Do that, and just as with the brand of counterfeit Christianity being peddled by Jim Wallis, America, and what it means to be an American will be nothing more than – a joke.


U.S. Has No Idea What To Do With Children Crossing Into America Illegally – By Themselves?

In children, illegal immigration, politics on April 28, 2012 at 11:38 am

Is it just because this article comes from the Arianna Nation (HuffPost), and has no references, no citations or links that makes this story so irritatingly ridiculous?  Or is it just because it comes directly from the Arianna Nation itself that makes it so ridiculous?  Children are crossing into America all by themselves, illegally, says the article, and have been doing so for years.  But now, there has been a surge in the numbers and America doesn’t know what to do with them.  That last sentence ought to be a question, but we will leave it as is.  How in the hell could any government not have an inkling as to what ought to be done with children that come into America, by themselves, and illegally?  Think of it like going to the store with your child, and where she runs off and disappears the moment you turn your back.  What do you do as a parent?  Walk out of the store and leave the store to care for the child, or find proper lodging for her?  Do you leave all responsibility of your child to the store?  And – what does the store usually do when it finds a child alone, by itself, without parental supervision?  Does the store take over responsibility of the child, and the cost associated with that responsibility?  Of course not, they would be sued, to say the least.  Not to mention it also would see a “surge” in “lost” children (not too surprisingly) running around their store.  Now – imagine the cost to American taxpayers for all the children illegally crossing into America by themselves.  What’s that got to be, and what does it cost the longer we retain them?  So – back to the store and its dilemma.  What does it naturally do?  The store gets the name of the child and announces over its PA system “so-and so is looking for her mother, can she please come up to the front counter and get her”.  If no parent presents themselves, the store turns the child over to police.  Well, why isn’t America doing that?  Or, in other words, why isn’t America getting the names of these children, the countries the have left to come illegally to America and then go directly to that countries embassy or “consular”, leave the children in their hands to care for as both sides work together to return the children to their rightful country of origin and their parents?  Why are children who are coming into America illegally automatically America‘s concern and responsibility, and why should American tax payers be left with the bill?  Whose problem is this really?  And if more of the cost burden was put directly and squarely on the shoulders of the children’s own governments, how soon would we see this problem simply “resolve” itself?

Anti-American Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Has A Serious Problem With American Sovereignty, And With Telling The Truth

In illegal immigration, immigration, politics on April 27, 2012 at 12:46 pm

It should not come as any surprise that anti-American Los Angeles Mayor, Antonio Villagairosa opposes SB1070, the Arizona anti-illegal aliens/immigration law currently being debated by the Supreme Court.  He makes his insane comparison to immigrants legally coming to America through Ellis Island and those illegally entering America through the southern border with Mexico and cannot see the vast difference between the two.  Well, he does see the difference, but he won’t tell you, or his multitude of illegal alien supporters and supporters of illegal aliens.  Says Antonio, “The American experience is an immigrant experience. Throughout our history, immigrants from every corner of the earth have come to America in search of freedom and opportunity. Each new immigrant generation has made unique contributions to our national greatness – from building the great cities of the 19th century to founding the great technology companies of the 21st century.”  The immigrants that came to America through Ellis Island did not sneak in, they came in with papers and were immediately processed and documented.  The aliens coming into America through the southern border with Mexico are sneaking in, they have no papers and they are, and they remain undocumented?  Where are the similarities?  Antonio Villagairosa is as disingenuous as can be.  All anti-Americans are that way.  Either America has sovereignty or it hasn’t.  If it does, then America has the right to keep out, and to put out, those people who are not citizens or who have no business, or legal right, to be here.  If America has no sovereignty, then what exactly makes an American citizen an – American citizen?

Hispanic…Latino…Mexican – If You Could Save Money On College Tuition, Wouldn’t You Wish You Were An Illegal Alien Too!

In Hispanics, illegal immigration, Latinos, politics on April 24, 2012 at 4:36 pm

Looking to attend a college in Colorado this fall?  Are you an American citizen?  Too bad for you if a just passed Colorado House Education Committee bill (pdf version of SB-15 here) passes the real test in front of the entire state House and Senate and makes it way to Colorado Governor, John Hickenlooper.  Also called the ASSET bill, or Advancing Students for a Stronger Economy Tomorrow, the bill, although it is expected to die before it reaches the Finance Committee, would lower the instate college tuition costs for illegal aliens who want to attend college in Colorado.  From the article:  “If the legislation were to pass, an undocumented immigrant [liberal code for illegal alien] attending University of Colorado at Boulder would pay approximately $10,000 annually, compared to $8,000 annually for an in-state tuition paying student or nearly $30,000 annually for an out-of-state student.”  So, just by virtue of being and living in Colorado, albeit illegally, a student would save twenty thousand dollars compared to an actual American citizen from say Arizona, who is considering that college.  Supporters of this type of legislation note that it’s not the fault of these kids for being here illegally, and therefore they should not be unduly burdened by having to pay higher college tuition costs.  However, in doing so, what is Colorado saying to actual American citizens who might want to attend a college in the state of Colorado and can afford the cost, but will be rejected in lieu of an illegal alien, and those actual American citizens who might want to attend a college in Colorado but cannot afford the out-of-state tuition cost, but will be stigmatized and discriminated against for being American citizens? Is the state of Colorado really doing this out of the goodness of its heart, or are they doing it as a way to pander to Hispanics and Latinos, and other Americans who support illegal immigration (a publicity stunt).  In other words – if Colorado was really doing this in the name of education itself, (and to make attending college in Colorado easier for everyone who wants a Rocky Mountain education) why wouldn’t Colorado simply pass legislation (cutting taxes, regulations, etc. on Colorado colleges), that would make it easier for colleges in Colorado to lower their tuition costs for all students in such a way that would provide real economic and financial benefit/relief for everyone?  Why single out a specific group; why must that group be illegal aliens; and how does providing a lower tuition cost for illegal aliens “strengthen” a community?  The opposition will say “Well, just naturalize the children of illegal aliens brought here and that would solve everything”.  Would it?  Or would that only encourage more illegal immigration to America?  If Americans are not able to attend college because they cannot pay for it, how does it make sense to focus on illegal aliens instead of, more so, and before, Americans by making it easier for them to go to college ahead of Americans?  Or, to put it another way – how is America benefited more by making it easier for illegal aliens to attend college than actual American citizens?