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Democrat Neo-Nazi Kills Family, He’s Dead Too…

In politics, racism, slavery on May 3, 2012 at 10:20 am

Democrat Wolves in Sheets For Clothing

Liberals will not like this.  A neo-Nazi who was running for sheriff of Pinal County as a Democrat has killed his family.  He’s dead too.  When do we ever hear about a Republican neo-Nazi running for any political office?  For that matter, when do we ever hear about a Republican neo-Nazi?  Throughout American history it has been Democrats, not Republicans, who have support slavery; who have supported segregation; who have been members of the KKK; who have been the real racists.  Juan Williams, as a liberal, will continue to have the audacity, as all liberals do, to call Tea party members racist, but refuse to offer one solid piece of evidence.  And, as always, the liberal MSM will continue to ignore it.  This story of the Democrat neo-Nazi serves as at least one piece of evidence that Democrats can be racists and are more prone, more capable, more committed to, more sympathetic to, more likely to be and to support, racism.  Want another piece of evidence?  Google Democrat Senator Robert Byrd.  Now – where’s that evidence that the Tea Party is racist?