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“I Said Walk The Dogs” Obama Cartoon Racist?

In Barack Obama, Mia Love, political cartoons, politics, satire on April 23, 2012 at 10:06 am

Why is it every time a cartoon depicting Barack and/or Michelle Obama, or any black liberal politician, must automatically be classified as racist?  Liberals degrade and dehumanize black conservatives every chance they get, routinely satirizing, and ridiculing, and mocking blacks for being conservative “sell-outs” and “traitors“.  Liberals also completely ignore it when black conservatives, like Mia Love, wins her party’s nomination, and has a hell of a good chance to win her congressional seat this November and become the only black conservative woman in congress.  Now – imagine Mia winning, and becoming that “only black female conservative in congress” for a moment.  How much attention is the MSM going to give to Mia and her accomplishment?  How much attention would the MSM give to Mia if she were a black liberal?  (And keep in mind she is running her campaign from conservative, and Mormon, stronghold, Utah.)  If Mia was liberal, and won, the MSM would have a field day, celebrating and gloating the fact that a black woman, and a liberal from Utah has uprooted this “backwards” society of “religious nuts”.  Now – back to reality.  Mia is a black conservative woman.  When/if she wins in November, what will be the response from the MSM?  For an answer, close your eyes, stop up your ears, and tune everything out for about two years.  That should about do it.  The MSM could not get enough of Barack Obama when he won the Senate seat from Illinois, and the MSM has not stopped paying attention to him since.  So, when anyone parodies or makes fun of (lightheartedly) Barack Obama, naturally the MSM is going to call that racist.  But somehow when it is done to black conservatives, that is simply freedom of speech.  The MSM better be forewarned, we are on to you, and we are on you, as never before, exposing your double standards and your hypocrisies, and your own blatant racism against black conservatives.  MSM – you won’t get away with it anymore.  We (conservatives) are too many.  And you (liberals) are too few.  Will that fact actually stop the MSM from acting stupidly towards black conservatives?  Or will it only make them that much more rabid?