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There Are Millions Of Reasons Why We Need A Death Penalty, Here Are Two More…

In children, crime, culture, politics on June 29, 2012 at 10:22 am

We are fed up with all the murder that goes on in America, and especially with how murderers are handled – particularly in liberal states like Illinois where murder is rampant, and its Governor, the worthless Pat Quinn, has successfully eliminated the death penalty, thereby giving those people hell-bent on murder another excuse not to think about their actions.

Story one:  a Utah girl, six years old, is found murdered in a canal.  She was also sexually assaulted.

Story two:  a pregnant woman, Danielle Watson, is stabbed to death 25 times during a “botched robbery”.

People who commit murder need to be sentenced to death, and executed within a reasonable length of time after having been convicted – say, five years.  Screw the ACLU; screw the liberal anti-death penalty crowd; screw the people who say the death penalty is inhumane.  What is inhumane is allowing murderers to live out their lives in taxpayer-funded prisons, and living like kings and gods off the taxpayer’s dime.  People who are prone to commit murder do so for reasons that also include their understanding of American law, how lawyers operate, and how to leach off the “compassion” of those people who oppose the death penalty.  They also understand that, as of now, in those states that still have a death penalty, that it generally takes years before they are actually executed, if they are executed at all.

Whether or not the death penalty is a deterrent to murder is absolutely irrelevant.  Go back in time, thousands of years, and consider that when one committed murder within their society they were put to death in incredibly horror-filled ways that would be un-Constitutional today.  If they were not deterred back then, despite the techniques used to execute them, obviously, nobody today who wants to commit murder is going to be deterred by lethal injection.

The death penalty needs to be society’s ultimate answer for the ultimate of crimes against humanity.  If that does not deter a single person from committing murder – so what?  The point of the death penalty should not be to deter murder, but to be society’s final answer.  The more we coddle to murderers; the more we sympathize with them; the more we allow rogue, corrupt, worthless entities like the ACLU and political garbage like Illinois Governor, Pat Quinn, to get away with making it that much easier to commit murder in America, the more  – we as a society will come to accept murder is a part of society.  Good idea?


Why Some Poor People Deserve Our Scorn, Derision and Hatred, Not Our Pity. Or – You Know You Are A Complete Moron If…

In culture, politics on June 29, 2012 at 9:09 am

If you are poor, and on food stamps, listen up – somebody out there wants to take severe advantage of you and your unfortunate economic situation.  In fact, there are thousands, probably hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people who want to use and abuse those people who truly need temporary government assistance like food stamps.  It is these people, who intentionally game the system, why so many of you who are on food stamps, and honest with your purchases, are being screwed.  case in point:

N.H. cashier fired for refusing to sell cigarettes to welfare recipient

The food stamp system was never designed so people could use tax payer money to buy cigarettes, liquor, lottery tickets or even to gamble.  But that is exactly what some people are using their EBTs for, and we all ought to be outraged.  These people need to be permanently removed from the food stamp system and never again allowed to leach off the American taxpayer.

What is also horrendous, and ought to cease immediately, is the scum and filth that would allow food stamp cards to be used to make such irresponsible purchases in their places of business.  Obviously business owners like that are so unscrupulous they don’t care how they make their money so long as they do.  A woman was fired by such a piece of trash business owner for refusing to sell a pack of cigarettes to another low-life piece of garbage who used their EBT card extraordinarily selfishly and heedlessly.

Hundreds of billions of dollars every year is spent on food stamps alone, and there are now some 47 million people on the receiving end of our (taxpayers) generosity.  With so many people, and so much money, obviously there is going to be some waste, fraud and inappropriate behavior.  Politicians need to do a better job enacting safe guards and oversight to ensure taxpayer money is being used properly.  There is a lot of scum out there, as is evidenced by both this scum that used his EBT card to purchase cigarettes and this scum who allowed his business to sell those cigarettes to that other scum, and fired a woman because she would not be a willing accomplice to such disgusting, reckless behavior and misuse of taxpayer generosity.

We, the taxpayers, deserve better accountability from our politicians with our money.  We also deserve a more wholesome attitude with regards to how businesses decide to operate when taking money from someone that originated from taxpayers.  If we can’t get that, then we ought to demand out money back.

Just Abort Black Babies (And Maybe The Hispanic And Latino Ones)

In abortion, culture, politics, racism, right to life on June 21, 2012 at 10:48 am

A South Carolina Church is in deep trouble with the Arianna Nation for a sign it has posted outside its church doors which reads, “Ultimate Racism – Abortion Targets Black Babies”.  This is not a laughter matter to the liberal pro-aborts over there who never miss an opportunity to condemn anyone for trying to stop an abortion, or speak out against it.  But when we talk explicitly and candidly about abortion, what abortion really is – the killing of an unborn child – the folks that support the killing of unborn children under the guise of “reproductive choice” become indignant and restless.  And that includes other blacks, as the Arianna Nation point out:

The sign was eventually taken down due to pressure from African-American leaders.

So – wouldn’t this problem of abortion go away much faster if only black babies were aborted, and Hispanic and Latino babies as well?   And, couldn’t we learn a lot from the Chinese about abortion, and bring that knowledge to America, to every single black and Hispanic and Latino, and Asian, community in America, where that information is sorely welcome and encouraged by other blacks and Hispanics and Latinos?

It isn’t whites killing black babies in the womb.  It’s black mothers making the conscious decision to kill their babies in the womb that ultimately leads to the killing of black babies in the womb.  Or, if we wanted to take the pro-abort position, what is in that woman’s womb isn’t even a black child to begin with, so that helps to ease the conscience as the abortionist plunges their deadly sharp instrument of torture into her to remove whatever it is inside her womb she things she is better living without.

If that is not a black child inside the womb, then perhaps we can make the case that there is nothing racist with pro-aborts setting up abortion clinics in black neighborhoods and encouraging black women to have abortions, rather than give birth, because they are poor, single, unmarried women whose babies fathers have abandoned them.  But, if that is a black child inside the womb, and Planned Parents is encouraging the woman to abort it – what are we supposed to call that?  Isn’t that the message this church was trying to convey with its sign?

Be Proud To Be An American, And Damn Other Cultures And Damn You Greta Hawkins

In culture, Freedom Of Speech, politics on June 11, 2012 at 6:03 pm

This is the face of Greta Hawkins, a school principal who is not proud to be an American.

When did being proud to be an American become controversial and the most hated thing in the world?  A principal, Greta Hawkins, has actually banned the playing of Lee Greenwood’s “Proud to be an American” during “Enda Cohen School’s graduation ceremonies.  Her reason?

We don’t want to offend other cultures.”

What “other cultures” is Hawkins possibly referencing?  There is only one culture in America, and one culture in America that matters and that is dominant – American culture.  How much do you want to bet this woman is a raving liberal?  And what “inoffensive” song did she choose to replace Greenwood’s “offensive” song?  Justin Beiber’s “Baby”.

It is more than apparent Hawkins has a personal hatred of America, damning her own students from showing any pride in America.  Well – damn you Greta Hawkins.  Who the hell are you to show so much contempt for America, and for the students who want to show pride in America?  You, Greta, offend us and our American culture.  That you have personal issues with America (and that probably involves, and revolves around, slavery, Jim Crow, segregation and perhaps women’s suppression – all of which are deep in America’s past and no longer actual issues) is no reason for you to force your narrow-mindedness upon your students.  Your shallowness, your juvenile and childish antics are unbecoming of a school principal, or anyone who holds a public position and is paid via tax dollars.  You, Greta, are an absolute disgrace and a tyrant, undeserving of the position you currently enjoy, at taxpayer expense.  You, Greta, have acted stupidly.  For that – you ought to be fired; your pension forfeited; your future in the public school system prohibited.  You have shown yourself to be unprofessional, a usurper of power and an abuser of the rights of students.  Why should we, the taxpayers, continue to fund your salary and your reckless, anti-American behavior?

Throwing “Bottles And Other Objects” At Blacks Is Neither Taunting, Provoking Or Criminal – Just Ask Jesse Kornbluth

In culture, hate crime, racism on May 7, 2012 at 5:38 pm

A big deal has been over the Kent State killings, brought about by protesters throwing beer bottles and rocks at police from three hundred feet away, and whether the fact that police were 300 hundred away, and at a presumably “safe” distance” from actual harm, the four students killed by police, as a result of this violent activity, was unwarranted and unjustified.  Well, now we have a story out of Cornell University that  “a group of people on the roof of the Sigma Pi fraternity house reportedly threw bottles and other objects at black students who were walking by the house early Sunday morning”.  There were also, allegedly, invoking the Trayvon Martin shooting.  Now, and this is the most important part – was this group three feet away from these blacks, because just how far a distance they were is imperative to whether or not there was actually any criminal intent, or whether it was a harmless act, according to Jesse Kornbluth, who firmly believes that the protesters at Kent State were unjustifiably shot at because they were three hundred feet away from police when they threw bottles at them.  So, the question begs this answer – is there an appropriate distance at which anybody, protesters included, must remain behind when they are throwing bottles, rocks and other objects at people?  Or – is throwing anything at anyone, at any distance, inappropriate?  Or – is it only appropriate to throw bottles and other objects at police, and only when it is being done by protesters, and liberal protesters at that, as Jesse Kornbluth insinuates?  The fate of this group of people who threw “bottles and other objects” at blacks hinges on the answer to this, and to this question – if police happened to be in the area at the time the group was throwing bottles from the roof at black students, and the police opened fire, killing one or more of them, would Jesse Kornbluth have approved of this tactic, and would he have included the killing of these people among “the most popular murders ever committed in America”?