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There Are Millions Of Reasons Why We Need A Death Penalty, Here Are Two More…

In children, crime, culture, politics on June 29, 2012 at 10:22 am

We are fed up with all the murder that goes on in America, and especially with how murderers are handled – particularly in liberal states like Illinois where murder is rampant, and its Governor, the worthless Pat Quinn, has successfully eliminated the death penalty, thereby giving those people hell-bent on murder another excuse not to think about their actions.

Story one:  a Utah girl, six years old, is found murdered in a canal.  She was also sexually assaulted.

Story two:  a pregnant woman, Danielle Watson, is stabbed to death 25 times during a “botched robbery”.

People who commit murder need to be sentenced to death, and executed within a reasonable length of time after having been convicted – say, five years.  Screw the ACLU; screw the liberal anti-death penalty crowd; screw the people who say the death penalty is inhumane.  What is inhumane is allowing murderers to live out their lives in taxpayer-funded prisons, and living like kings and gods off the taxpayer’s dime.  People who are prone to commit murder do so for reasons that also include their understanding of American law, how lawyers operate, and how to leach off the “compassion” of those people who oppose the death penalty.  They also understand that, as of now, in those states that still have a death penalty, that it generally takes years before they are actually executed, if they are executed at all.

Whether or not the death penalty is a deterrent to murder is absolutely irrelevant.  Go back in time, thousands of years, and consider that when one committed murder within their society they were put to death in incredibly horror-filled ways that would be un-Constitutional today.  If they were not deterred back then, despite the techniques used to execute them, obviously, nobody today who wants to commit murder is going to be deterred by lethal injection.

The death penalty needs to be society’s ultimate answer for the ultimate of crimes against humanity.  If that does not deter a single person from committing murder – so what?  The point of the death penalty should not be to deter murder, but to be society’s final answer.  The more we coddle to murderers; the more we sympathize with them; the more we allow rogue, corrupt, worthless entities like the ACLU and political garbage like Illinois Governor, Pat Quinn, to get away with making it that much easier to commit murder in America, the more  – we as a society will come to accept murder is a part of society.  Good idea?


Black Hate Against Whites Soar – But You Are Not Supposed To Know Anything About That…

In black racism, crime, hate crime, politics on June 10, 2012 at 9:02 am

This is the face of a black murderer who killed a white woman for no apparent reason. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, along with the MSM, don’t want you to know this crime happened.

Another white person has been brutally killed by a black assailant.  Two, actually.  The other is a fifteen year old boy whose name has not been released.  It should be.  Black on white (hate) crime is getting worse, and yet the lame-stream liberal media could care less.  They, the MSM, as well as those two frauds in a pod, Jackson and Sharpton, are still gushing over the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman incident.  (By the way – where did Trayvon get the money to pay for his gold tooth?)  This woman, as well as the unidentified fifteen year old boy ought to be given the death penalty for their vicious and unprovoked crime against a white woman who was only trying to make a living.  She leaves behind a child, but even that doesn’t matter to liberal garbage who will not report on these stories.  The double standard that the liberal MSM has on these issues is both astounding and damnable.  Ant time a white person even looks at a black person funny, the MSM pounces on that story, billing it is an automatic hate crime, and proof that America is still a racist nation.  However, whenever a black commits a heinous crime against a white (and there are growing examples of this) it is passed off, brushed aside and ignored.  There is a reason for this, and that is because liberals do not accept that blacks, because they are minorities, can, in the legal sense, commit hate crimes.  It’s both a travesty and miscarriage of justice that liberals behave in this hypocritical manner.  A woman is dead – stabbed to death fifty times.  A child is made motherless by two motherless black cowards.  They ought to receive the death penalty and swiftly be executed for this crime – not because it is a hate crime, but because it is murder in cold blood.  Hate crime is a joke and it ought to be abolished in America, and courageous politicians need to stand up and demand it be abolished.  Murder is murder, and for murder in cold blood deserves the death penalty.  You won’t hear race hustlers Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton speaking up on this murder, although they both undoubtedly have read about it.  There’s no money to be made for either of them over this murder.  There’s no glory for wither of them to be found either.  Hate crime is not about compensating the victim and ensuring the attacker is properly punished, it’s all about punishing white for the crimes committed against minorities over 150 years ago.  And it’s also a slush fund and money grab opportunity for race hustlers.  What is most damning about this story, and all the black on white crime stories we are hearing, with more and more frequency, is that despise their increase, despite their shocking brutality, the MSM will still not report on them.  We do understand why that is, don’t we?  We do understand their devious, deceitful and evil intentions for not reporting on these types of stories – don’t we?

Voices Of Freedom Will Not Be Silenced By Leftist Cowards/Agitators

In bullying, crime, Freedom Of Speech, politics, terrorism on May 28, 2012 at 4:10 pm

From The Neosecularist – Brett Kimberlin’s reign of terror continues.  Whether or not this was Kimberlin himself, or one of his associates is not yet known.  However, it was to be expected. And, likely it will occur again.  Every single one of us must remain vigilant, strong and united.  Kimberlin will go after the big fish; those bloggers who are well-known, established and have an enormous reach.  What that means for the rest of us is – keep on this story.  Those of us with more leg room, more freedom of movement because we are under Kimberlin’s, and his associates, radar, ought to use that to our advantage.  This dirty, illegal tactic of “swatting” must be dealt with.  It is incumbent upon us to relate and reblog these stories as they occur.  What is being done to those bloggers who have been “swatted” is revenge by Kimberlin and his associates for their daring to speak the truth about Kimberlin.  Kimberlin is a coward, hiding behind frivilous lawsuits and criminal “swatting” activities.  Law enforcement will catch up to him.  They at least, by now, ought to be on to him.  We can’t be the only ones.  But right now – we are the only ones.  It is up to each and every one of us to change that. We can, we will, make that difference that is essential and imperative to ending Kimberlin’s reign of terror.  Our voices will not be silenced.  Not by Kimberlin, not by anyone.  The only person that can silence your voice is – you.  This is political theater, not a movie theater.  Silence on this matter is not “golden”.  It’s dangerous, and it could be deadly, literally, for those bloggers Kimberlin or his associates specifically goes after.  We must stand behind them, and with them.  We must stand and fight.  What say you?

Weaken Brett Kimberlin By Going After Barbara Streisand, Teresa Heinz-Kerry, George Soros And Everyone Who Backs Kimberlin With Financial Donations

In crime, politics, terrorism on May 24, 2012 at 12:38 pm

Freedom of speech is under assault in America by liberals, radicals, Leftists, and known convicted terrorists like Brett Kimberlin, whose anti-America agenda is being funded and financially supported right now by some of the most well-known Americans.

However, instead of attacking terrorist Brett Kimberlin directly, which many bloggers have found to be a dangerous method, go after those people who are supporting him through financial donations either directly or through his Justice Through Music Project.  Hammer Streisand; hammer Heinz-Kerry; hammer Soros.  These people know what they are doing; they know who they are donating money to; they know they are contributing their money to a known and convicted terrorist.  However, there are many people who donate money via Brett Kimberlin’s JTMP who may legitimately not know that the money they are contributing is actually going to help fund Kimberlin’s radical anti-American agenda.  The JTMP, which, in its “About” page, does not mention Kimberlin as one of the founders (and probably for obvious reasons) is a radical, left-wing, “Occupy” movement supporting, anti-capitalist feeding trough for other liberals, socialists and Leftists who want to transform America into a totalitarian Left-wing autocracy.  By positioning and setting itself up as a website dedicated to “music” it entices, and entraps young teens into a world of liberal activism, pretending to be, and disguised as, a website that uses music merely to promote voter registration among America’s youth.

We must be vigilant, courageous and persistent in demanding Kimberlin’s backers (especially those like Streisand, Kerry and Soros who are public celebrities) be held accountable for their wicked, sinister and corrupt actions.

We must demand, directly, why Barbara Streisand supports a known convicted terrorist.  Why then, Barbara Streisand, do you support a known convicted terrorist, Brett Kimberlin?  Since Streisand remains silent, we must accept Streisand supports the type of terrorism that Kimberlin has conducted.

We must demand, directly, why Teresa Heinz-Kerry supports a known convicted terrorist.  Why then, Teresa Heinz-Kerry, do you support a known convicted terrorist, Brett Kimberlin?  Since Kerry remains silent, we must accept Kerry supports the type of terrorism that Kimberlin has conducted.

We must demand, directly, why George Soros supports a known convicted terrorist.  Why then, George Soros, do you support a known convicted terrorist, Brett Kimberlin?  Since Soros remains silent, we must accept Soros supports the type of terrorism that Kimberlin has conducted.

We must demand directly, why the Democrat Party has opened itself up and invited Brett Kimberlin into its fold.  By not rejecting Kimberlin, by not distancing itself from Kimberlin, by not renouncing Kimberlin, the Democrat Party is guilty of supporting this known convicted terrorist.  Therefore we must accept that the Democrat Party, because of its silence, supports the type of terrorism that Kimberlin has conducted.

If a known convicted terrorist was ever outed to be a conservative, and to have infiltrated the republican Party; if well-known conservative activists had ever donated money to such a person and the liberal MSM ever got hold of that information – what the hell does anyone think the response to that would be?

Barbara Streisand supports terrorism as long as it is directed at American capitalism and meant to thwart conservatism.

Teresa Heinz-Kerry supports terrorism as long as it is directed at American capitalism and meant to thwart conservatism.

George Soros supports terrorism as long as it is directed at American capitalism and meant to thwart conservatism.

The Democrat Party supports terrorism as long as it is directed at American capitalism and meant to thwart conservatism.

The “Justice Through Music Project”, which may be a shill non-profit organization with a hidden agenda, supports terrorism as long as it is directed at American capitalism and meant to thwart conservatism.

What other conclusions can we draw?

Hammer the donors, publicly expose them, and the finances Kimberlin needs to continue his operations will dry up.  Or, does Barbara Streisand think she can bolster her image among her fan base when her fans know she is contributing her money to a known convicted terrorist?  Does Teresa Heinz-Kerry think she can bolster her image, and help her husband’s (John Kerry) image by contributing her money to a known convicted terrorist?

American who support terrorism directed against America are traitors.  What does that tell you about Streisand, Kerry, Soros and all the others who support a known and convicted terrorist, Brett Kimberlin?

When A Bank (Wells Fargo) Acts Stupidly

In crime, politics, Unemployment on May 7, 2012 at 3:26 pm

We entrust banks with an incredible amount of personal information, and we expect that information to remain personal, private and secure; and we expect bank employees to have the highest standards when it comes to keeping our personal information private.  We certainly would not want any bank, or any bank employee to use our personal information to hack into our accounts and steal our money, our property, our identities.  We further would not want banks to knowingly hire anyone with a criminal record.  However, there is, and must be, a vast and fundamental difference between a bank hiring someone with a suspicious, and recent, criminal record and hiring someone who did commit a crime 40 years ago, and has atoned and made up for that very distant, very much in the past, mistake.  Yolanda Quesada was fired from her position at Wells Fargo Bank over a shoplifting incident 40 years ago.  That incident came up during a background check conducted by the bank.  And while it is not stated how long she worked at the bank, they obviously hired her before knowing about her past criminal record, which means she must have been, based on her other merits, someone Wells Fargo found would be an asset to their bank.  Why would they, now, after they had hired her, and for however long she has worked there, presumably contributing something of a positive nature to the bank, fire her over something that happened during the Nixon Administration?  This reprehensible act (if there is no further evidence against Quesada to show just cause for having fired her) needs to be challenged before it happens again.  People who have committed crimes, paid their debts to society and have rejoined society have a Constitutional right not to be retried for those crimes.  Businesses certainly have a right to not hire people based on specific criminal acts committed (murder, rape, pedophilia and crimes of that nature and magnitude).  But businesses also need to show some restraint in their firing practices, especially in dealing with employees who have committed crimes decades ago.  Or – how else are people who have committed crimes supposed to rejoin society if they always have their criminal record hanging around their necks?  And – if they cannot, or are unable, to rejoin society, what other alternative is left for them but to return to a life of crime?  How does that benefit society?

Anti-Gun/NRA Group A Terrorist (Of The Mind) Organization

In crime, guns, politics on April 28, 2012 at 12:53 am

Is brainwashing a form of terrorism?  As part of its “Social Justice Week“, Jones College Prep, out of Chicago, IL. brought in the Black Star Project, a “Chicago-based community organizing group” to talk to students about gun violence and gun control.  What the students were not aware of was that the conversation on gun control would be completely one-sided, and any dissenting views would not be tolerated.  In fact, to attempt any rebuttal to their contrary was quickly, decisively and very rudely shut down.  The main purpose, the only purpose, as it turned out, why this organization came was to inform the students that guns are bad, and only bad people own, or would think to own, guns, and they (the students) should protest gun ownership in Chicago, including the conceal and carry law being debated.  In other words, the Black Star Project, its leader, Phillip Jackson, and his “co-presenter”, Camille Williams, were there to indoctrinate, manipulate and brainwash these students into becoming anti-gun protesters.  It was Williams who became belligerent with students when questioned and “made several inflammatory statements about gun ownership and the National Rifle Association. She claimed the NRA is indifferent to gun violence. She also asserted she has received emails from the NRA and/or its members claiming she is “going to hell” for her advocacy and “these porch monkeys deserved to die,” referring to black children killed by guns.”  Of course, despite efforts to have those emails released, that has not yet occurred.  The NRA supports the Constitutional right of all Americans to own guns and works to ensure that right is protected, while Williams works to undermine that right, and has made it her job, literally, to indoctrinate young, impressionable college students into the anti-gun movement with lop-sided and deeply falsified information.   Her racist rant about the NRA wanting blacks to die is ridiculous, and says nothing to all the many home owners who own guns and have had to use them in self-defense to protect themselves and their families while at home – many of them black.  Even some of the students understand that.  But when one student told Williams she supported gun ownership because “if you take away guns from regular citizens, the criminals and the police are the only ones who have them, so…”  Before the student could finish, Williams interrupted and held up a list with the names of young Chicagoans killed by guns.  “How many of these kids on (the list of dead) here are able to carry a gun?” Williams demanded to know.  The question not answered was – how many law-abiding gun owners are in the habit of committing murder with their guns, compared to law-breaking criminals who also have guns, undoubtedly stolen, and unaccounted for?  Williams completely disregards the fact that it is the criminals with guns that are the problem, not the law-abiding gun owners.  The reason?  Because Williams does not want anyone to own a gun.  Gun ownership is the equivalent of independence, and that does not help Williams’ cause, which is to get everyone depended on big government.  And what better way to do that than to start brainwashing them right at the age they can begin voting.  So – isn’t brainwashing a form of terrorism, or at least a technique widely and oft used by terrorists?