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Why Some Poor People Deserve Our Scorn, Derision and Hatred, Not Our Pity. Or – You Know You Are A Complete Moron If…

In culture, politics on June 29, 2012 at 9:09 am

If you are poor, and on food stamps, listen up – somebody out there wants to take severe advantage of you and your unfortunate economic situation.  In fact, there are thousands, probably hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people who want to use and abuse those people who truly need temporary government assistance like food stamps.  It is these people, who intentionally game the system, why so many of you who are on food stamps, and honest with your purchases, are being screwed.  case in point:

N.H. cashier fired for refusing to sell cigarettes to welfare recipient

The food stamp system was never designed so people could use tax payer money to buy cigarettes, liquor, lottery tickets or even to gamble.  But that is exactly what some people are using their EBTs for, and we all ought to be outraged.  These people need to be permanently removed from the food stamp system and never again allowed to leach off the American taxpayer.

What is also horrendous, and ought to cease immediately, is the scum and filth that would allow food stamp cards to be used to make such irresponsible purchases in their places of business.  Obviously business owners like that are so unscrupulous they don’t care how they make their money so long as they do.  A woman was fired by such a piece of trash business owner for refusing to sell a pack of cigarettes to another low-life piece of garbage who used their EBT card extraordinarily selfishly and heedlessly.

Hundreds of billions of dollars every year is spent on food stamps alone, and there are now some 47 million people on the receiving end of our (taxpayers) generosity.  With so many people, and so much money, obviously there is going to be some waste, fraud and inappropriate behavior.  Politicians need to do a better job enacting safe guards and oversight to ensure taxpayer money is being used properly.  There is a lot of scum out there, as is evidenced by both this scum that used his EBT card to purchase cigarettes and this scum who allowed his business to sell those cigarettes to that other scum, and fired a woman because she would not be a willing accomplice to such disgusting, reckless behavior and misuse of taxpayer generosity.

We, the taxpayers, deserve better accountability from our politicians with our money.  We also deserve a more wholesome attitude with regards to how businesses decide to operate when taking money from someone that originated from taxpayers.  If we can’t get that, then we ought to demand out money back.

  1. Have you ever seen this documentary?
    It’s called “A Place at the Table” and it’s about the issue of hunger in America. It has a lot about food stamps and the food stamps system. I would highly recommend it before you post about food stamps again.

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