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Black Hate Against Whites Soar – But You Are Not Supposed To Know Anything About That…

In black racism, crime, hate crime, politics on June 10, 2012 at 9:02 am

This is the face of a black murderer who killed a white woman for no apparent reason. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, along with the MSM, don’t want you to know this crime happened.

Another white person has been brutally killed by a black assailant.  Two, actually.  The other is a fifteen year old boy whose name has not been released.  It should be.  Black on white (hate) crime is getting worse, and yet the lame-stream liberal media could care less.  They, the MSM, as well as those two frauds in a pod, Jackson and Sharpton, are still gushing over the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman incident.  (By the way – where did Trayvon get the money to pay for his gold tooth?)  This woman, as well as the unidentified fifteen year old boy ought to be given the death penalty for their vicious and unprovoked crime against a white woman who was only trying to make a living.  She leaves behind a child, but even that doesn’t matter to liberal garbage who will not report on these stories.  The double standard that the liberal MSM has on these issues is both astounding and damnable.  Ant time a white person even looks at a black person funny, the MSM pounces on that story, billing it is an automatic hate crime, and proof that America is still a racist nation.  However, whenever a black commits a heinous crime against a white (and there are growing examples of this) it is passed off, brushed aside and ignored.  There is a reason for this, and that is because liberals do not accept that blacks, because they are minorities, can, in the legal sense, commit hate crimes.  It’s both a travesty and miscarriage of justice that liberals behave in this hypocritical manner.  A woman is dead – stabbed to death fifty times.  A child is made motherless by two motherless black cowards.  They ought to receive the death penalty and swiftly be executed for this crime – not because it is a hate crime, but because it is murder in cold blood.  Hate crime is a joke and it ought to be abolished in America, and courageous politicians need to stand up and demand it be abolished.  Murder is murder, and for murder in cold blood deserves the death penalty.  You won’t hear race hustlers Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton speaking up on this murder, although they both undoubtedly have read about it.  There’s no money to be made for either of them over this murder.  There’s no glory for wither of them to be found either.  Hate crime is not about compensating the victim and ensuring the attacker is properly punished, it’s all about punishing white for the crimes committed against minorities over 150 years ago.  And it’s also a slush fund and money grab opportunity for race hustlers.  What is most damning about this story, and all the black on white crime stories we are hearing, with more and more frequency, is that despise their increase, despite their shocking brutality, the MSM will still not report on them.  We do understand why that is, don’t we?  We do understand their devious, deceitful and evil intentions for not reporting on these types of stories – don’t we?

  1. Another solid post, Neo.
    I’ve been noticing this trend in the MSM for years now, and it’s not likely to change. They are too heavily invested in the Narrative, as Breitbart used to say.

    The only way to combat them is to keep bringing their baltant hypocrisy to light (as you did here) and provide alternative forums for people to choose over the Media.

    It is no wonder they are losing audience practically weekly. Their bias is being laid bare for all but the willfully blind to see.

  2. The juvenile’s name is Eddie Lee Clark. On her Facebook page, Cadedra Lynn Cook refers to him as her “juvie” and indicates that they are “married”. He refers to himself as a “lil gangsta” I seriously hope that these two pieces of human garbage get the death penalty.

  3. Listen, if you are going to report on something like this then it is your duty to keep your argument balanced. You say Liberals are subjectively manipulating this narrative one way but then you take the polar opposite approach and subjectively assess this from your own perspective; all you did was cite a few examples, say there is “liberal bias” and then expand on your own personal reasoning. This is no way to prove a point or make an argument as you are going to lose a good number of readers based on your approach alone. There ARE national crime statistics and scholarly articles on this, there are other ways to make your point in a fair and balanced way.

  4. Not only do I hope zimmerman wins this case but I hope to see a class action lawsuit for the innocent people who have been hurt by the liberal lies and bias against the white people this is as dangerous as hitlers hate mongering.

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