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The “Enough Rush” Campaign, The National Organization Of Women And It’s Seven Little Dwarves

In politics, women on May 19, 2012 at 2:18 pm

Well, what an absolute embarrassment for NOW, for feminism and for anyone who thought they could make a persuasive and compelling argument for why Rush Limbaugh ought to be off the radio airways, and for why advertisers ought to fear these pathetic and worthless “femi-nazis”.  Weeks in the planning, the Washington D.C. protest at one of the radio affiliates Rush Limbaugh is heard, brought together a whopping seven women.  Seven!  That is not a misprint.  Seven little women is all that could be mustered for Rush’s “war on women”.  We won’t call these women “babes”.  Not only are they not babes, it would be offensive to the real babes out there that do support Limbaugh, conservatism and American values, and are intelligent enough to know that Limbaugh is not at war with women.  How can NOW ever again be taken seriously for anything it says?  The question is – will NOW be able to regain its composure after being shellacked before we regain our composure and stop laughing at these ridiculous “femi-nazis” making public fools of themselves?

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