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The One And Only Time Liberals Oppose Minority Rule

In Filibuster Rule, Majority Rule, politics on May 15, 2012 at 12:06 pm

Liberals make a big deal about “minority rights” and how the majority tries to disadvantage the minority.  Here, we have an instance, probably the only such instance where liberals are in absolute opposition to minority rule, or where the minority usurps the majority.  S. S. blogger, Bob Edgar, writing for the Arianna Nation, decries, bemoans, laments and cries “Not fair” to the minority Senate Republicans who use the filibuster rule to block the majority Senate Democrats.  Edgar must cringe during the part in Mr. Smith Goes To Washington where one Senator, played by Jimmy Stewart, was able to filibuster for so many hours.

Moans Edgar:

Things are especially bad in the Senate. Both parties have figured out that the minority, currently the Republicans, can use the filibuster rule to pretty much shut the place down.”

Democrats and liberals fully support the use anarchy and OWS protests to shut cities down; they certainly support the filibuster rule when they are in the minority.  Check here, here and here.  It is only when they, Democrats and liberals, are in the majority, that they oppose the minority.

Simply put, that’s [the filibuster rule] unacceptable. It’s an affront to our democracy and not the way the Senate was supposed to work. And it has real consequences for real people.

But somehow it is not an “affront to our democracy” when the minority (when that minority is democrats and liberals) tries to usurp power from the majority of American people by taking away their right, as the majority, to rule.  That, too “has real consequences for real people”.

Let’s be truthful.  Democrats and liberals want to be in control, and they want to have all the power, regardless of whether they are in the minority or the majority.  If they are in the minority, like all liberals and Democrats, they allow their emotions to swell and overtake them to the point where they can no longer hold in their tears and must wail and whine like a spoiled little brat, crying, “not fair, not fair”.  On the other hand, when liberals and Democrats are in the majority, they simply claim they are in the majority and they exclaim, “Majority rules”!  Huh?  Scratch your head all you want, but that is how a Democrat and a liberal thinks.  When they are in the majority, they completely disregard the minority and they throw them all under the bus.  That is who liberals and Democrats are.  And that is why it is imperative we keep in tact the “majority rules” idea, even when Democrats are in the majority.  As for the filibuster, although Edgar was “careful” to only include Democrats being filibustered by Republicans, Democrats love it too.  So,other than the mindless people who actually believe the Arianna Nation provides real and substantive news, who is Edgar fooling?


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