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On This Mother’s Day – Would You Help A Woman Kill Her Unborn Child?

In abortion, politics, pro-life on May 12, 2012 at 11:43 am

How successful was this year’s St. Valentines Day Unborn Baby Massacre?  Well, liberals and Democrats are at it again, hoping to make another killing this Mother’s Day.  Pro-abortion murderess, Kirstin Gillibrand, is urging women to donate money to Emily’s List, which is a pro-abortion organization that helps to elect other pro-abortion Democrat women to congress.  Disguised as “reproductive freedom”, it’s really all about abortion to them.  How?  Birth control and contraception are legal, and nobody is going to take that away from women.  We just aren’t going to pay for it for them.  But a woman cannot have “reproductive freedom” in its truest sense, if she does not also have the ‘freedom” to have an abortion, which we know to be the killing of an unborn child.  Although liberals and Democrats are proud to be, and to label themselves as “pro-choice”, most of them are extremely ashamed when they are challenged on just what abortion is.  No convinced?  Challenge Kirstin Gillibrand on what abortion is and see what her response it; see her fluster; see her evade the question; see her backtrack; see her inject non-sequitors and other useless information into her response.  That is the epitome of liberalism.  Liberals deal strictly, religiously, in emotions.  Not facts, not reality.  The reality is – donating money to Emily’s List helps that organization provide campaign funding to pro-abortion Democrat women.  There is no guarantee any pro-abortion Democrat women will win, of course.  But if any of them do – there is good and strong indication all that money initially donated to Emily’s List, which was then dispersed and used to spread more awareness of, and about, their candidates of “choice” might have been a factor in their victories.  This Mother’s Day, do you really want to celebrate the woman who gave birth to you by supporting a cause that works tirelessly to prevent, by killing them, future children from celebrating their mother’s on Mother’s day?  Because these dead children will not have mothers, or fathers, to celebrate on any day of the year.  And they won’t have birthday’s of their own to celebrate either.  That is the legacy of abortion.  over 50 million dead unborn children.  That is the legacy of liberalism.  What would have been the legacy of all those 50 million unborn children slaughtered in the womb?

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