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Gay Arianna Nation Blogger, Aly Windsor, Smears North Carolina (And Demeans Gays)

In gay marriage, politics, states rights on May 9, 2012 at 8:24 am

Are gays sissies?  Or just those gays affiliated with the Arianna Nation?  Aly Windsor, blogging for the Arianna Nation (HuffPost) is crying all the way to that liberal media outlet about her “harrowing” experience at a North Carolina voting poll, where she breaks down and whines that she was made and forced to endure a slow and painful walk into the polling center that no one ought to endure.  Aly was there to vote early on “Amendment 1”, an amendment to the state’s Constitution that would effectively and decisively ban same-sex marriage and uphold the one man/one woman model.  (That amendment has since passed)  Aly writes that her “family was harassed” while she made her way into the polling center.  But other than a verbal word of discourse here and there, Aly made her way in without ever being touched.  She complains her feeling were hurt by what was said verbally to her, and what was written on the signs people held out in front of them.  Are we supposed to feel sorry for Aly?  Are we supposed to feel her pain?  This is the Democratic process, and liberals “harass” conservatives and conservative value every day.  To say she was “harassed” is libelous, in the legal sense, silly in the real sense.  So there were people out in the streets, their streets too, peacefully protesting against gay marriage.  Nobody was throwing rocks at voters, or smashing windows, upturning cars, setting fire to the city.  But Aly still feels these people ought not have the right to even stand and protest against a measure she supports.  Because, in her liberal mind, that’s not fair, and that’s not nice.  In Aly’s childish mind it’s mean people being mean.  Hmm.  Were any of the “scary” protesters holding clubs in their hands, intimidating voters and being intentionally menacing like they did in front of polling stations during the 2008 Presidential election?  Aly Windsor is nothing more than a sham and a canard, and she is using the Arianna Nation as a sympathy platform for her own selfishness and egotism, and she demeans all gays and lesbians with her unbecoming hissy-fit.  She would work to have laws passed to make it illegal for this to happen to anyone again.  But – if one form of protesting can be made illegal, how soon will it be that all forms of protesting will be made illegal?  Or is it only conservatives protesters, and those protesters who are out in their communities supporting measures that Aly doesn’t like she wants to see banned?  Because if another measure comes up for a vote that liberals strongly disapprove of, like an anti-abortion amendment, does anyone believe the pro-abortion crowd would not be out in those same streets “harassing” voters (and using more than the “hurtful” and “spiteful” words than were directed at Aly) as they went into the polling stations?  Does anyone believe Aly would want their voices silenced?  Isn’t protesting a two-way street?  Or is it only the one-way thoroughfare Aly wants it to be, where liberal ideas and measures can pass through unhindered but where conservatives ideas and measures would be, in essence, “going the wrong way”?

  1. Hi there. Google alerts sent me here. I can see we probably won’t agree on much but I just want to point out the biggest error in your argument: I never said that protesting or campaigning should be illegal. I merely compared my experiences voting in two southern states and shared my belief that North Carolina needs larger buffer zones at the polls to protect people on both sides from having to walk through electioneering gauntlets. North Carolina’s buffer zone is set at 25 feet, which meant that there was no way for me and my family to avoid the drama. Georgia’s buffer zone is 150 feet. That’s plenty for people to be able to drive by, see the kerfuffle, but not have to engage with it. Voting is a civil right, and it should be a civil process. No voter, regardless of party affiliation, should have to endure being shouted at or intimidated while going to the polls. I admit that other people have had much more harrowing experiences voting than the one I described. But my experience was upsetting to both me and my partner (who tends to be much less emotional than me). My account may have come off a bit weak because I was so stunned at what was happening, I wasn’t memorizing all that was being shouted, and I didn’t want to report anything falsely. But also, a big part of the physical shock of the experience for me was not knowing what we were walking into. Had I known that NC buffer zones are so much smaller than Georgia’s, I may have left the kids safe at home or at least been able to mentally steel myself for a gauntlet walk.

  2. Interesting that the writer(I use that term very loosely) chooses to remain anonymous while directly attacking and distributing a picture of Ms. Windsor on this site. It’s the weak that have to hide behind anonymity. BTW, I am a Conservative Republican that decides on a case by case basis how I feel about an issue. I voted against this amendment because as the party of Regan we are supposed to believe in smaller government and less intrusion into our personal lives. Everyone is created equal with equal protections under the law.

  3. I really don’t see what you feel you have to gain by writing this “article.” You resort to name calling and bullying and yet refer to Aly as being childish. I really don’t get that. Do me a favor and grow up.

  4. Since I did not resort to name calling, your argument falls flat. Liberals, by their nature, whine often, and complain. I merely pointed out a hypocrisy liberals have when it comes to protesting and protesters. What you are really saying by “do me a favor and grow up” is “do me a favor and abandon your conservative ideology and join me and my liberal ideology.” That won’t happen.

  5. Liberals don’t like to get attacked for their ideas – big surprise! I hide behind anonymity for fear of loosing my job if I go public. Read my articles sometime and you will see there is strength and courage in what I write.

  6. Hi back. I responded to your article because I was struck by what I perceived to be another liberal rant against conservatives and conservatism. The HuffPost is full of that. It was your title “My family was harassed” that struck me because in reading your article, nowhere did you mention being physically assaulted or even touched by anyone on your way to the voting center. Verbal insults are, to a degree “harassment”, but not the same as physical harassment. And had you been physically harassed, then obviously your point would have been more poignant. As many bloggers on the HuffPost do regularly, they lambast conservatives for their “harassment” while at the same time encourage and condone liberals “harassment” of conservatives. Hence the “two-way street” analogy I used. I also included the bit about the Black Panthers standing in front of a poling center which a lead pipe. That is harassment because it it intimidation with the threat to do real physical harm. Did any of the protesters you encounters have lead pipes, or anything with them they might have used to incite physical violence? That comparing and contrasting of two voting scenarios was the point I was driving at.

    No, we probably don’t agree on much. But I will say this – I do support gay marriage. What I do not support is gay marriage being forced on a society that does not want it. When a minority of people are able to infringe upon the majority, and especially when they use the court system to push through their agendas, no good comes of it. The minority has Constitutional protections and rights that cannot be infringed upon by any majority. And while gay rights are not Constitutionally recognized, that doesn’t mean it is un-Constitutional to be gay, or that it is, or ought to be, illegal to be gay. It may have been at one time, but no serious conservative is going to go back to that era. However, gay marriage is not a Constitutional right. Therefore it is up to the people to decide, directly, if they want it recognized or not. If a majority of citizens decides against it, as they did in North Carolina, that is their right to do so. The more the gay community and liberals push back against the majority, the more the majority will push back, and so on. If you want gay marriage to be a reality in America, which I suspect you do, you have got to be patient. It’s the impatience that is working against the cause. It’s also the arrogance of liberals (many, anyhow) who will not accept majority rule, unless they (liberals) are the majority.

  7. Neosecularist,
    Since you are a coward and hide behind anonymity let me share my perspective with you. I have defended the free country that you live in for the past 18 years and have travelled all over the world. I have seen cultures where women were raped, abused, and treated like animals. I feel that you have personally attacked Aly and you need to hide because you know that you are no different from other abusers. Why would you attack an outstanding mother who is trying to obtain a sense of normalacy in her life? Why not leave her name out? You are a disgrace to even hide in anonymity. Display your picture and come on out and play with me. I’ll show you how a soldier responds to attacks. Just because you do not agree with Aly that doesn’t give you the right to deface her name or image. Think about the kids you uncompassionate fool. It deeply saddens me that I protect the freedom you have.

  8. So basically, what you’re saying is, gay marriage is fine and good but only if the majority wants it? As long as the majority feels like a oppressing a minority group, that’s their right? So we should have waited for the majority to be ready to give up slavery, give women the right to vote and own property, end segregation, allow interracial marriage, etc?

    It’s easy for you to ask me to have patience. You’re not the one with two young kids looking out at a national landscape of intolerance and fear-mongering. If I could, I would move my family to a state that offers my family more rights. But the job market doesn’t work that way, and I want my children to grow up around their grandmother and aunts and uncles who all reside here too.

  9. Anonymity has nothing to do with being a coward. Your ad hominem attacks, however, are cowardly. I have abused no one. I stand up for conservatism and conservative principals, as is evidenced in my writing. Of course I am going to be attacked by the Left for that. My dispute with Aly was not an attack on her, but rather a response to her article in which she berated conservatives for having supposedly “harassed” her as she went to vote. This what an exageration on Aly’s part, and one in which liberals use against conservatives all the time. I have not defaced Aly, or her image. If anything, I have defaced liberalism and the hypocrisy of liberals. That bothers liberals, immensely. My freedom is not yours alone to protect, so don’t be too sad. You are also protecting the freedom of anarchists (as in the Occupy movement) who break windows and cause millions of dollars in damage in Seattle. You are also protecting the Black Panthers, the Nation Of Islam, Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and other race baiters and racists. You don’t seem overly concerned about that, however. Speaking of cowardice – where is your picture?

  10. That’s how America works, Aly. You cannot have a minority rule. I written about this before. Slaves were emancipated by decree from Lincoln during the Civil War, but until ratification of the 13th Amendment slavery was not yet un-Constitutional. It took a majority of states to make that happen. The same is true with the 19th Amendment and a woman’s right to vote – that also took a majority of states ratifying it to become Constitutionally protected law. William Rehnquist sums up best what I am affirming – “To the argument . . . that a majority may not deprive a minority of its constitutional right, the answer must be made that while this is sound in theory, in the long run it is the majority who will determine what the constitutional rights of the minorities are.” You would disagree with that, but if a majority of citizens in a state passed a gay marriage law in their state, and a minority of citizens who opposed that law sued, and won, effectively reversing the will of the majority who supported the gay marriage law, what would your opinion be then which regards to minority protections?

    Yes, you must have patience, if you value your cause. If you push too far against the majority, do you really think they won’t push back. Gays and lesbians have made great strides in their plight for acceptance. You know the history – go back even thirty years and see how much more freedom gays and lesbians have now. Gays and lesbians can marry through civil unions. But until a majority accept gay marriage, gays and lesbians cannot expect government to recognize and sponsor something that is very public, which redefines marriage, which expands government and the role of government in marriage and in which the majority still opposes. Gay marriage is neither a right, nor is it a Constitutional right. I am looking out at the incredible amount of “intolerance and fear-mongering” coming from the Left in America, and that is what I fight against.

  11. Neosecularist: Your introductory statement in your article “Are gays sissies” is implication that you think the writer is a sissy because she is Gay and talked about her uncomfortable experience at a place where she should havefelt safe. Please note that this is a young woman with two small children that you called out.Shame on you.

  12. Her being gay has nothing to do with her being a “sissy”. Her initial whining about the fact that she had to wade through protesters who did not agree with her, and her feeling she was being “harassed” by them (without warrant or justification to call what she experienced actual harassment) was what I was referring to by “sissy”. Aly being a young woman with children is not defense enough to allow her to have her speech and mine and others to be silenced. Aly is a grown woman – it is assumed she can handle herself. Shame on you for thinking she can’t.

  13. I dont assume anything and I know she can handle herself. Point blank: she was harassed in front of her kids at a place she shouldn’t have been. Abuse is abuse whether it’s physical or emotional. No one should be treated like that, man, woman or child .

  14. Even when it is liberals “harassing” conservatives? When it is Black Panthers “harassing” voters? When it is pro-abortion supporters “harassing” pro-life supporters? We have freedom of speech and of assembly, and so long as that speech and that assembly is peaceful it is protected. Aly is a grown woman. She can handle herself, She didn’t have to bring her kids. And she wasn’t “harassed” to begin with.

  15. There is too much over-simplification with stereotypical tags such as “liberal” and “conservative”. These terms are the new “F words”, therefore name calling at at a very basic level. Neo, re-read you post, you did call Aly names, sissy, childish. You even accused her of libel! Why such divisiveness, such hate? “Neo “, how dare you challenge Aly’s perception of harassment? Are you saying all grown women, or men for that matter, liberal or conservative (as you tag), should “handle” themselves when they are perceived as being threatened or harassed? What does “handle herself” even mean? Why not bring her kids to introduce them to one of the most spectacular rights, along with freedom speech, we have as Americans. Neo, you need to explore your anger management issues, as well as your fear of those in disagreement to your views.

  16. Neo, you just need to visit me so I can whoop your ass. Obviously you have some serious issues that you don’t care about slandering a womans name. What is your name coward?

  17. Camille – stop being so over dramatic. There’s no “hate”. That I oppose the minority usurping power away from the majority does not make me a hateful person. That is a liberal canard. The fact that “poor defenseless” Aly’s blog was challenged does not induce hate. Liberals don’t like to be challenged, shown up or questioned. Naturally when conservatives do challenge liberals, they whine about it and hide behind their emotions. I am attacked every day for my columns. Do I scream “hate” or “bigotry”? No. I defend myself rationally against emotion based liberalism. Quite effectively, decisively and with stinging results I might add. That’s what irritates liberals most. They can’t defend themselves with logic when all they know are emotion based arguments. Where is my “anger”? That I would challenge Aly does not make me anger y. That I have angered her has incensed the Left and liberals. You want real anger? Look at Keith Obbermann, Chris Matthews, any of the Air America crowd. Liberals are far more an angry bunch than are conservatives. And perhaps they have good reason to be angry – they are losing elections as well as overall American support. Liberals only make up about 20% of Americans, while conservatives make up bout 40%. That’s not good news for liberals. Angry? I’m rejoicing over all the conservative victories we are having, and will continue to have.

  18. Well, you can’t be a liberal because liberals don’t “hate”. Your juvenile threats are laughable. They certainly don’t help your cause. Go talk to Camille about your ‘hate”. She might have a few choice words for you.

  19. I don’t agree with those that choose homosexuality, however to attack someone anonymously is a cowardly way to try and get any point across. In this case however, I do not believe that there was any point but hatred here. I am a Christian and believe that homosexuality is wrong, HOWEVER I do not hate them, I hate the sin, but love the sinner. It is not right what this author did, this is nothing but a rant and should be ignored by rational people.
    Aly: , Please don”t judge us by this idiot. I do not agree with your lifestyle but would defend to the death your right to live the way you do.
    To the Neosecularist: , Grow up and at least use your name if you are going to attack someone. You only demean yourself with this cowardly act of hatred. You had no point to make here and only spewed mindless garbage.

  20. What hatred? What attack? A gay woman, Aly, griped that she was being harassed. She wasn’t. There were protesters at her voting center and she was upset by that. You “play” the part of a Christian, but that is suspect in your written language. What specifically was “not right” that I wrote? You didn’t point to anything, you just used generalities, which liberals are notorious for doing. You’ve accused me of “hatred”; you’ve accused me of “cowardice”; and, although you purport to be a Christian, you resort to calling me an “idiot”. I would challenge you to point to one thing I said that was “hateful”. By the way – “hateful” is what liberals always use against conservatives for anything they say, so from what I have read of your comment, I would say you are a shill, and not a Christian at all, but merely a liberal pretending to be a Christian. Nice try.

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