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“Amendment 1” And The Right Of The Majority To Decide – Except When The Majority Is Not The Liberal Side

In gay marriage, homosexuality, politics, states rights on May 8, 2012 at 10:21 am

North Caroline citizens will vote Today, May 8, on Amendment 1, a measure that would amend their state Constitution to prohibit same-sex marriage.  This is as it ought to be – people deciding, not courts.  As there is strong indication that it will pass, challenge and interference in the right of the people to decide issues for themselves may ensue from so-called civil rights and civil liberties groups.  Gay marriage is not a Constitutional right, nor is it even a civil right.  It is certainly not a right to be administered by a minority of people, whether those people be lawyers, politicians or judges.  If gay marriage is ever to be, and to become, a right is must come from the people directly.  Hypocritical liberals have no concern about one lone judge, or a mere few of them, ruling from the bench and striking down any law or measure that, although it was passed either by a state’s majority congress or a state’s majority of citizens, it nonetheless does not pass mustard with liberals and liberal ideology – i.e., border enforcement; illegal alien crack-downs, voter ID requirements, and of course anti-gay marriage initiatives.  On the other hand, these same hypocritical liberals will always support the majority in any congress and in any populace when these majorities vote in favor of a liberal initiative, and these same hypocritical liberals will always condemn any attempt to override such legislation by conservatives when it suits their hypocritical. double standard wielding, two-faced fancies.  Gays and lesbians, and liberals, and even conservatives who support gay marriage, ought to understand that to force this issue on an unwilling public will only harm the progress made in gay and lesbian acceptance.  That goes for anything forced on a majority by the minority, by the way.  Will gay marriage ever be accepted in America, and if so, how soon?  How soon will depend on how patient pro-gay marriage supporters are willing to be.  Because if supporters keep forcing the issue, animosity towards gay marriage will only spread.  Or – do supporters of gay marriage think a minority can silence a majority?  And if so – for how long?

  1. But the majority shouldn’t be empowered to take away rights of any citizen–I think that’s why we have judges, representatives in congress, etc. (we can argue as to whether or not the amendment actually removes rights…again I’m more interested in the argument that the majority should rule as much as you suggest) The majority was not “right” to withhold/remove rights from african-americans in past decades/centuries, even though the majority passed such laws. Not sure how old you are, but I’d bet you lunch at Char-Grill if we get together in 50 years we’ll be looking back at this amendment the same way we look at some of the old Jim Crow laws now.

  2. The problem is – right now gay marriage is not a right. And while I do support a right to gay marriage, I oppose that right being thrust upon society by the minority, and certainly by one or a few judges. If the majority cannot be “empowered” to grant or remove rights (laws) that are not already laid out in the Constitution, that means any minority, however small (and that includes one person) can in effect get a law passed and by virtue of it being passed, because that one person is in favor of it, no one can oppose it. How does that make sense?

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  4. If the populace of the state votes and says it wants gay marriage, so be it.
    But when the Federal Gov’t comes in and overturns a social norm of that scale, you’re going to have problems.

    The Left is simply worried that this day will either not come, or will not come fast enough for their tastes. They will be proved right or wrong eventually on this issue, but forcing it down people’s throats is the wrong way to go about it in a free society.

    It’s like trying to bake a cake that takes 90 minutes in only 25. You can SAY that it’s finished all you want, but the results will not be the same.

  5. I just don’t get why this is such a big issue in the US. Simply put, it isn’t the government’s job to decide who may love whom. If two men or two women love each other, so what? If I like pizza and 70 percent of the population don’t, should they be allowed to prohibit eating pizza?

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