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Liberal NYT Supports Terrorism Against America (Surprised?)

In politics, terrorism on May 4, 2012 at 8:25 am

NYT commitment to print the latest breaking anti-conservative news will not be hindered, or distracted, by terrorist activities against America.

There’s no other way to describe the complacency, the apathy, the complete non-interest the NYT has in reporting about the conviction of Adis Medunjanin who plotted, but failed, to blow up Grand Central Station than to say that the NYT, in its virtual non-coverage, its lack of serious attention to this thwarted terrorist attack, by literally giving cover (on page A-19 to be exact) to these types of terrorist incidents supports terrorists in a way that is suspiciously incongruous to is role and its responsibility as an American newspaper.  What was more import to the NYT than practicing any semblance or nuance of journalism?  Rupert Murdoch and his fight way the hell over in England over his own news corporation and the scandal he is involved in.  Rupert and his scandal was front page fodder.  Murdoch you know owns FOX News which hosts many leading conservatives and conservative analysis.  It is because of this hatred, this jealously, of FOX News the NYT has completely disregarded and abandoned its duties as a legitimate newspaper so it could spend its time going after Murdoch.  There is some irony here.  How many of it subscribers read the NYT while traveling the Grand Central Station Subway?  Would they be more interested in the circus in England over Murdoch, or about the safety of the subway that takes them to and from work every day?  By putting Murdoch on page one and placing the story of a convicted terrorist on page A-19, which is about the equivalent of an appendix (and unless it is the appendix to the Lord of the Rings, who reads that?), the NYT is in effect giving aid and comfort to a convicted terrorist who, if he had not been caught, might have killed hundreds of people and caused millions of dollars in damage, and just might inspire other wanna-be terrorists to do the same, knowing they too can always count on its ally, the liberal NYT, to keep their terrorist affairs as discreet as possible, and under the radar of its last few remaining subscribers.  Does anyone really want to defend the NYT editorial decision on this?


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