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Hi Ho – Homeowner’s Association’s Got To Go (Or; Swing Low Sweet Swing Set)

In Army vets, politics on May 3, 2012 at 11:22 am

A swing set has become the focal point of a major, major controversy brewing in Mineola, Texas between a returning Army vet and his purely uppity, despicable, worthless excuse for a homeowner’s association.

What an absolutely disgusting display of gratitude for our military vets, as well as common sense, from one homeowner’s association in Mineola, Texas.  A returning Army vet built a swing set for his children only to be sued by his homeowner’s associating.

They’re in the wrong only because they declined to make the proper application and submit the drawings,” homeowner’s association chairman Harold Lemmon told KLTV.

An application for a swing set?  It’s high time somebody started suing homeowner’s associations themselves for their abuse of power.  Where is the Constitutionality of these groups anyway?  Where in the constitution does it allow an associating to dictate to a home owner what he can and cannot do on his own land?  It’s one thing entirely if a homeowner was to neglect their lawn and let it become overrun with weeds, littered with garbage, animal waste, or any type of health hazard.  But when a homeowner (put aside he is an Army vet for a minute) wants to build a swing set, or perform any improvement to their own home, who the hell are these damn, foolish, useless, repugnant homeowner associations to tell him he can’t do it?  These are self-righteous, indignant, uppity little cliques made up of people who are born with an insatiable urge to be nosy busy-bodies who will not mind their own business.

“The lawsuit states that the swing set is “not in harmony with the design and location in relation to surrounding structures and topography,”

Does anyone want to make a bet the only reason, the real reason, why this homeowner was singled out for building a swing set is because he is an Army vet and the people in his community, or at least this particular homeowner’s association, is biased and prejudiced against our military?  Would that surprise anyone?


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