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“Pansy Ass” Dan Savage’s Bizarre, Bullsh*t, Anti-Bullying, Vulgar, Obscene, Foul Word-Laced Lecture To High School Students

In bullying, homosexuality, politics on April 28, 2012 at 3:16 pm

Dan Savage is gay.  We, conservatives, do not condemn him, or anyone else for that, nor do we have any interest in his private life.  However we absolutely condemn Savage, and anyone, gay or straight, who, in public and in front of high school students, justifies being a bully, and spews anti-Christian rhetoric (and insists on uses vulgarity to do it) based on their own personal hatred for the Bible, and what they perceive to be anti-gay sentiments in the Bible that might have been relevant thousands of years ago, but which have no bearing anywhere in America today or in Christian communities around the world.  Savage was supposed to be giving a lecture to students on anti-bullying, not on pro-bullying.  Using the Christian Bible, and the laws and codes that existed thousands of years ago within specific religious communities, but for which neither apply in Christian or Jewish law today, shows what an absolute coward Savage is – and a hypocrite himself.  Would Savage ever invoke the Qur’an, which not only condemns homosexuality, but actually still kills Muslims for being gay?  Where in the Christian world, and where in America, does American law allow for the killing of gays?  So, the man who once was bullied for being gay is seeking his revenge by being a bully himself?  Not only is that an incredibly foolish double standard, it shows how truly intellectually dishonest Savage is about his anti-bullying plight, which appears to be nothing more than a charade, a ploy and a deceptive tactic to worm his way into public venues to speak ill of the Bible he feels condemns him and is the reason why he was once bullied.  So some Christians oppose homosexuality based on Leviticus and other “one-liners” in the Bible.  Any attempt to make law, in America, based on otherwise outdated and obsolete rules of conduct would be unconstitutional and would not pass mustard.  Dan savage knows that.  Christians know that.  Who is Savage kidding?  Or, better yet – who is Savage degrading more with his inflammatory, bullsh*t rhetoric?  Christians?  Or Gays?

  1. “Attn: Dan Savage!
    If you were ever bullied, I’m guessing your sexuality had nothing to do with it.
    It was likely because you’re a condescending, self-righteous JERK.”

    Good post, Neo.
    Maddening, ..but good.

  2. This is unbelievable! A bully speech! He has become a bully can become a bully and if you are going to campaign against bullying you should not attack people’s beliefs. I believe God gave us FREE WILL so everyone can make their own choices. The only one you have to answer to is the Lord. Jesus loves all of us what he does not like is our acts of sin – one of them is hurting others.

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