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Ever Dreamed About Having Sex With The Dead? Well, The Egyptians Have, And Now Their Dream Could Be A Reality…

In hoaxes, necrophilia, politics on April 27, 2012 at 1:39 pm

Egypt is, or its isn’t, pushing through a proposal, the so-dubbed “farewell intercourse” law that would allow husbands whose wives have died to have sex with their corpses up to six hours after their death.  Yummers!  The story is all over the internet, and although there is not yet any confirmation of its actual authenticity, would it surprise anyone if Egyptians would try to pass such a law?  According to The Inquisitor, Egypt is “set to lower the age of marriage in Egypt to 14 and taking away the absolute right of women to education and employment.”  We already know that Egypt, which is dominated by radical Islam, and now a radical version of the Muslim Brotherhood, is not pro-West or pro-America.  We also know that its radical version of Islam revolves around male domination, which includes keeping women and girl from being educated, having a job, learning to read and wrote, to vote or to have any rights at all, including the right to live after having been raped.  So, why would it be such a great leap if, say an Egyptian man married a 14 year Egyptian girl who happened to die giving birth and her corpse was just too much for him to resist?  Perhaps we now have a fuller understanding as to why they want Sharia law in America.  These people have not had any respect for woman or females of any age for a thousand years or more!  Does anyone really expect them to start respecting woman now?  What is the real leap in “logical” Islamic thinking and philosophy about having sex with one’s dead wife?  They don’t respect women in life, why would they respect women in death?

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  2. “Farewell intercourse”?
    Now THAT’S a visual I could have lived without.

    I need to scrub my brain after reading that….

    Good info as always, Neo.

  3. Come on…is that really to be believed. Please feel free to email me with some hard factual evidence. It’s really frustrating as a Muslim American to keep hearing urban legends passed on add truth all the while an honest religion gets a bad wrap because of some extreme sect somewhere. Please readers…explore what Islam really is..and what it isn’t. The best way to learn what a religion is truly about is ask someone who follows it. You wanna know about being Jewish…ask a Jewish person..not television or internet…same goes for Islam and Muslims

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