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The TSA Is A Danger To American Freedom, A Comfort To Real Terrorists

In politics, TSA on April 26, 2012 at 12:17 pm

It’s happened again.  Another child has been accosted by the TSA at an airport and made to be patted down for weapons, drugs, bombs, explosives, and whatever else the TSA thinks little children may have concealed on, or in, their person.  They can’t, and we certainly cannot allow them, to racially profile people at the airport who may be more likely to be terrorists, but we can certainly allow the TSA to stop little children, old women, the handicapped, etc., and pull them to the side and pat them down?  When did it creep into TSA thinking that little children could be terrorists?  When did that meeting take place?  Was it right after, or during, the same meeting they discussed the uncomfortableness about stopping Muslim-looking people waiting to board a flight?  And did they come to the conclusion that it would be better to stop little children, the elderly and handicapped who probably could not speak up for themselves, or who would be more terrified to do so?  In the meantime, we still do have real terrorists plotting real terrorism against America and American buildings.  If the TSA is not going to stop them from boarding a flight because they are afraid of being accused of racial profiling, what the hell is the point of having, and spending the millions of dollars we do on, the TSA if all they are going to do is stop, and pull to the side little children and people who are otherwise defenseless and cannot speak up for themselves?  By doing this, the TSA is putting in danger our American freedom and giving more aid and comfort to our true enemies.  Or – are little children, the elderly, and the handicapped our true enemies?

  1. This exactly I was talking about. Ignorance is a bliss. Be politicaly right, please every one except americans. Friking Libarlas.

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