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Hillary Clinton Could Reboot Her Presidential Bid By “Sticking An Unbent Paperclip Up Her Urethra”

In comedians, politics on April 26, 2012 at 1:53 pm

Actually, Jon Stewart made that “joke” on his HBO Comedy Center program about Mitt Romney.  But one has to wonder if he would ever make such a “joke” like that about a Democrat female running for President.  He probably would use that on Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann, or any conservative woman running for President or any political office, we know that.  But where does Stewart get off making such crude jokes like that about anyone at all?  Hillary, of course, is not running for President this time around, but there is strong indication she may try again in 2016.  Will Stewart still be around then to use the “paperclip up the urethra” joke?  Will Stewart’s program still be around for him to use as a vehicle for his vulgarity?  Would Stewart have the same “courage” to tell Hillary Clinton to stick a paperclip up her urethra to reboot her Presidential bid as he apparently has in telling Mitt Romney?  In the spirit of “equality” among the sexes, shouldn’t he?  Or will he do as all cowardly liberals (which Stewart is) do and keep attacking conservatives with the same vulgarity, the same hypocrisy, the same sexism, as they decry conservatives engaging in, without much evidence to back it up?  Another question is – just where does Stewart get these jokes from, his staff, or does he pull them out of his own…

  1. Would Stewart say such a thing of a Lib-in-good-standing?
    Never in a million years.

    Of course, when President “I Won” tells Rolling Stone that this man is a genius, you know to what audience he’s playing.

    As for where he pulls these ideas, I’d prefer to not be too graphic.

    Good post, SB.

  2. […] Hillary Clinton Could Reboot Her Presidential Bid By “Sticking An Unbent Paperclip Up Her Uret… ( […]

  3. This post was non sensible and continues in the polarized sentiment that has stalled any semblance of a functioning political system.

    You claim that Stewart is hypocritical and imply a bias towards liberal view points while this very article implies the bias you have assigned to him when it poses hypothetical questions?

    This is something we see from both sides of the political argument in an attempt to manipulate the beliefs of Americans who lack the ability to think critically. I feel that you have attempted to do that here, but this article got lost along the way.

    Is there a liberal bias on the Daily Show.. I think you could easily argue that, and you could do so by citing examples from both sides of the argument. No matter the party, or the position, we should be ashamed of many of the things our politicians are doing, and you’ve attacked none of these issues, but rather a political commedy show, and in doing so you’ve missed the point altogether.

    Would you make the same self fulfilling hypothetical statements about a vulgar comment with a conservative bias? Both Hitler and Obama were democratically elected to office… Clearly we could draw some parallels there as well, but it doesn’t make sense to anyone who thinks critically. The real question we should be posing is:

    Would any person with a position of influence attempt to influence the ideas and sentiments of others?

    I think the answer is yes, and I think we can see numerous examples of this from both sides of the political spectrum. What we need to do as Americans, is hold our politicians who represent us, to a higher standard of political discourse and discussion, and to do that successfully, we must first hold ourselves to these standards.

  4. The whole Jon Stewart segment was “nonsensical”. I merely pointed out the absurdity by using absurdity itself. Democrats and liberals use crude humor to degrade, dehumanize and vilify conservatives and conservatism, including conservative women. I merely pointed that out. What is so “nonsensical” about that?

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