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The “Occupy” Movement Of Today Is The KKK Of Yesteryear

In black racism, Occupy protests, politics on April 25, 2012 at 9:36 am

Rapper Jay Sun (Click Photo to go to story)

Decades ago, when the KKK had a following, and was able to infiltrate politics, business and law enforcement with its incendiary message of bigotry, discrimination and hate, and where its membership was in the millions, if not in full dress garb, then in spirit, it was a force not to be reckoned with or ignored.  Enter 2012 and the “occupy” movement.  This scum is no better than, and just as worse as, the KKK.  Why they are able to get away with the hostile, threatening language they use is a chilling and horrifying testament to how deeply they have penetrated themselves and their message  into the same groups of people once in league with the KKK.  Rapper, Jay Sun, speaking at the “Occupy the Justice Department” event tells his audience that if he is arrested not to march on his behalf but to “start killing m—– f—–s”.  Well, isn’t that a lovely sentiment from an otherwise “peaceful” protest rally organized to counter against the “evil rich” businesses and corporations of America?  And just who does Jay Sun want killed?  Anyone?  He failed to mention any specific names.  Remember Ted Nugent made some pretty wild and outlandish comments directed at Barack Obama, and was investigated by the Secret Service.  Has anyone investigated Jay Sun, or will he get a pass?  And what about Pam Africa, who also spoke at the rally?  What was her “wonderful” message of “hope and peace” for the audience to absorb?  “Don‘t push for nothin’ you ain’t prepared to do.  We cannot be up on stage talkin’ s**t, that you gonna do something that never f***ing materialize.”  At least they admit they are “talking s**t”.  They certainly aren’t talking about anything uplifting or inspiring are they?  Or does the idea of killing m***** f*****s make you proud to be in, or support, this racist, bigoted, hateful, anti-American movement that is virtually indistinguishable from the KKK in its rhetoric, its tone and its civility (Of which there is none)?

  1. Who the hell is Jay Sun? No, your KKK combined religious fanaticism with hatred and violence. It’s kind of like the current Republican party.

  2. With no “for instances” in which to examine your comment, it must be concluded you cannot logically defend the violent hate speech of Jay Sun and his liberal and Democrat Party leaning ilk. Do keep trying though.

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