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Could This Picture Of Trayvon Martin Be Worth A Thousand Pardons To George Zimmerman?

In George Zimmerman, photography, politics, Trayvon Martin on April 24, 2012 at 11:46 pm

This image is the photograph the late Trayvon Martin used to represent his Twitter identity in late 2011, under the screen name "T33ZY_TAUGHT_M3." Although the Twitter account was deleted, The Daily Caller retrieved it from the social analytics website PeopleBrowsr. The upper-arm tattoo in the image matches one in a close-up photograph on Martin's MySpace page. (Image: Twitter)

Would the MSM dare show this “adult” picture of Trayvon Martin to its liberal audience?  (Click the photo to read the full story)  For tens of millions of Americans who get their news daily from the MSM, have they seen this rather unflattering and vulgar photo of Trayvon Martin?  Would the MSM ever show this photo, or would they keep on showing older photos of Trayvon, during more “innocent” times in his life?  The liberal MSM has, from the very beginning portrayed Trayvon Martin as the victim of a hate crime; a sweet, lovable, innocent young teenage boy who could not possible commit a crime of any kind, or hurt or harm another living human soul.  The photographs they have used of Trayvon have all been taken from when he was a young teenager. An angelic little boy who could not hurt a fly.  That is what the MSM is saying, subliminally, when it distributes this older photo of Trayvon.  Compare that to the photograph the MSM frequently rehashes of George Zimmerman, Trayvon’s killer.

Zimmerman looks tired, disheveled, mean, gravelly, dirty, nasty, guilty!  That is exactly what the MSM wants everyone to believe, regardless of what the evidence has to say.  And look at this oft rehashed photo of Trayvon and Zimmerman side by side:

Do you see what the MSM is intentionally doing, implying, planting in your head by showing these two photos side by side?  The MSM is saying, “Look, this big, mean, nasty George Zimmerman over here on the right murdered this sweet little boy, Trayvon Martin, on the left.”  But what the MSM is not telling you is that that sweet little boy had done a lot of growing up since the time that photo was taken.  None of that in any way indicates Trayvon’s guilt, and Zimmerman’s innocent, or vice-versa.  However, neither does portraying Zimmerman as an evil white man who murdered the little black boy in the red shirt represented in the above photo automatically indicate Zimmerman’s guilt.  The MSM is playing a shell game with its audience, switching photos, shuffling them around, hiding others, all in the hopes it can pull the wool over your eyes and make you believe Zimmerman is guilty of murder, whether he actually is or not.  The trial has yet to begin, Zimmerman is out on bail and even now the myriad death threats against Zimmerman keep pouring in.  All because of how the MSM has reported on this tragic and disturbing incident from the beginning by portraying Trayvon as the victim and Zimmerman as a cold-blooded murderer, without any evidence, as of yet, to back it up.  The photo of Trayvon giving his middle finger may not be enough to clear Zimmerman, but the shoddy and unprofessional and blatantly biased journalism and media coverage by the MSM just might be enough to set Zimmerman free, if no pertinent evidence can be introduced.  And what is that going to mean if, down the road, sometime after Zimmerman is freed, new evidence pops up to prove Zimmerman actually was guilty of killing Trayvon in cold blood, not in self-defense?  There will be no double jeopardy for Zimmerman, who cannot then be tried a second time for the same crime, but there sure as hell ought to be double trouble for the MSM, and double more after that.

  1. Did Trayvon Martin deserve to die because he flipped a bird? No matter how biased the media may be in this case, the fact remains that George Zimmerman is waiting for his trial outside of a jail cell after killing an unarmed teenager.

  2. Whether Trayvon deserved to die was not the point of the post. Since the beginning, the MSM has portrayed Trayvon as a sweet, angelic twelve or thirteen little boy. And he may have been that once. But not on the day he met up with George Zimmerman. By then he was seventeen, over six feet tall, had a rap sheet, at least two twitter accounts with not such nice tweets, and at least one very ugly photo of himself flipping the bird. We know none of that from the MSM, by the way, but alternative, conservative media. And we still don’t know whether it was he who accosted Zimmerman first, or Zimmerman who accosted him first. We only know that Zimmerman killed Trayvon. We don’t know if it was in self defense or cold blood murder. The MSM has intentionally left out a part of Trayvon’s life that might lead many people to doubt the innocence of Trayvon, or at least that Trayvon was always that sweet, innocent looking boy in the photograph, wearing the red shirt, the MSM keeps using in its stories about Trayvon.

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  4. He was portrayed exclusively as sweet and angelic? Were you asleep during the whole hoodie controversy?

  5. He was portrayed, and continues to be, as the victim by the MSM. That is the point.

  6. You’re kidding me now, right? He’s dead! He IS the victim!

  7. We do not yet know whether Trayvon was the aggressor or if Zimmerman was. If Zimmerman was the aggressor, then yes, Trayvon is the victim. However, if it turns out Trayvon was the aggressor, then that means Zimmerman acted in self defense when he killed Trayvon. If that is the case, Zimmerman is the victim. In any event, we do know that Zimmerman is the victim of a smear campaign being conducted by the MSM and race baiters Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. But the mere fact that Trayvon is dead does not make him the “victim”, unless, and only until, it is proved that Zimmerman killed Trayvon in cold blood.

  8. You’re 100% right, Neo. Let the courts decide.

    However, the race-hustlers (with their BFFs, the media) are trying their darndest to have this thing tried in the court of public opinion in EXACTLY the way which you describe.

    Good write-up. Hope you stay on it….

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