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This Van Jones Comment Way Too Good Too Pass Up

In politics, Van Jones on April 23, 2012 at 12:08 pm

Asks Van Jones, "How Many American Children Are You Willing to Kill for a Job?"

Watch the video here.  Liberals will always condemn conservatives for the supposed “killings” of poor people and the homeless, through legislative efforts to cut waste out of the federal government and cut the size of the federal government itself.  (Blacks in particular because the MSM always has a gorge fest and orgy over those stories)   Take food stamps (SNAP, S-CHIP, etc.) and healthcare (Obamacare) as two timely examples.  Van Jones, noted Marxist and communist, asks the question, “How many children are you willing to kill”, in reference to the backlash, by conservatives, of EPA regulatory efforts and initiatives.  Conservatives view the EPA with suspicion, rightly so, for the types of laws and regulations (which include substantial fines and penalties) the agency attempts to enact.  (Carbon Tax anyone?)  Liberals insist, either without proper data to support their claims, or with falsified documents, that regulations are the only the way to save, protect and clean-up the environment from decades and centuries of human contamination.  While there may be a kernel of truth in that, dramatically increasing taxes and regulations, and creating new ones, is not the solution.  Nor is granting a government agency more power and control over the American people.  The solution will be found through capitalism, in the free market place and the spirit of entrepreneurship.  Liberals, like Van Jones, have no problem with government interfering in the personal lifestyle choices of smokers and people who eat a lot of fatty, salty, sugary foods.  Liberals contend they are doing it for the good of those people who abuse their bodies in such ways.  Yet – when a woman wants to abuse, and destroy, a body that is (although inside of her) not her own, only then, and only there, do liberals claim government has no right to interfere.  Van Jones asked a question.  Here’s another:  How many liberal politicians would lose most or all of the support and donations they now cherish, or be thrown out of office altogether by their own constituents, if they ever abandoned the pro-abortion cause?  We, conservatives, if we are to talk sincerely and frankly about “killing children” ought to ask Van Jones, and all extreme liberals, including Barack Obama, a counter question:  “How many children are you, Van Jones, and you, Barack Obama, willing to kill in the womb for a job”?

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