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Slavery Is A Good Thing – At Least In The State Of Indiana

In Indiana, politics, slavery on April 22, 2012 at 6:55 pm

URGENT Indiana Reintroduces Slavery!  Although slavery was officially abolished almost 150 years ago, the state of Indiana has begun a bold new experiment by reintroducing what is apparently “slavery”, and as Americans, and as conservatives, we couldn’t be happier for its return.  It’s been a long time coming, and a difficult road, with a lot of nasty bumps, curves and other obstacles.  But now that “slavery” is back, and the practice is thriving, and enjoying immense profits and success, it seems almost silly we ever thought so negatively against it in the past.  Indiana, its citizens, are better off for having brought the institution back.  Indiana has proven that “slavery” works.  Indiana has shown that “slavery” is something we all can embrace, accept and feel pride in having, and feel that much more proud to be Americans.  We can only hope this new “slavery” is a sign of great things to come and will extend to all fifty states as soon as possible, clasping the irons and shackles upon the hands and feet of many more of the same victims now “enslaved” who are feeling the weight of “injustice” crushing them, their spirit and their livelihoods.  But don’t feel too sorry for them, if at all.  These “slaves” are getting exactly what they deserve…


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