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Just Out Of Curiosity, What If We Don’t “Sit Down And Shut Up”?

In politics, Van Jones on April 22, 2012 at 2:39 pm

Van Jones, former green jobs adviser to Barack Obama, has a message for his opponents – “Sit down and shut up.”  Who are his opponents?  Conservatives and Republicans, and anyone who loves America and what America stands for:  Truth, Justice, and the American Way.  (Not only is that counter to liberal teachings, by the way, it makes liberals very uncomfortable to hear it.)  Van Jones is under the delusion that he holds any power over conservative Americans, that we would actually be intimidated by such a rot-gut piece of slime like him.  Conservatives will remain in the standing position, and our voices will echo throughout America, drowning out the useless rhetoric coming from Van Jones and his ilk.  We will continue to fight his beloved unions, ensuring no American is forced into joining one, and made to pay into it, just to have a job.  We will fight his beloved public education to ensure that parents and communities have more rights, more of a say, in what goes on in their schools, and what is taught to their children.  We will fight his beloved environmental protection agency, ensuring that no undue regulations or taxes are levied against Americans and American businesses under false and highly suspicious pretenses.  Van Jones may be right – the 20th century, at least the second half, belonged to liberals.  He is damn mistaken if he thinks he, and liberals, can claim the 21st Century as theirs too.  We are American conservatives – We’re here: we’re sincere; we have no fear; and we’re not gonna “sit down and shut up” anymore!

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